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Air, Cotton, Silk, Custom Electronics
Client: Various
Location: Various
Role: Artist, Fabricator
Collaborators: PVW Consultants (original producer)

Using thin air as an animating force to set a flock bird sculptures flying.

Air is formless and elusive,  yet also ubiquitous and vital. It has neither visual presence nor significant mass.  Breath, a temporary installation which spread over 200 inflatable kinetic sculptures across thirteen different sites was an experiment in giving form and expression to air. 
   Each fabric bird is equipped with a small fan. As the fans cycle on and off, the wings inflate and deflate, mimicking flight. Each sculpture flaps independently, creating a naturalistic effect produced entirely through changes in air pressure.
   Variations of this installation with flocks ranging from seventy to two hundred birds, have been exhibited in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Toronto, for periods of up to three months with no maintenance required.

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