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LED Sculptural Installation
Client: Lakeview Village

Location: Toronto Downtown Hospital Precinct, Toronto
Role: Artist, Fabricator (of cloud)Blackwell Engineering (engineer)
FluxWorx- fabricator (base and mount)

Controlled and Shaped by Wind

Composition For Wind is a slowly rotating, fluttering cloud of particles suspended in the air. The sculpture seeks to inspire moments of pause and simple joy, moments in which to daydream - as we did as a children picking animals out of the shapes of the changing clouds - in the middle of an ever denser urban environment.

Its form shifts and moves through the sky via a slowly rotating mechanism, and also flutters freely with the wind responding to its changing velocity and direction.

The sculpture is a threshold between human made and natural phenomena. Presented on a site where urban form abruptly meets the open natural expanse of the lake, Composition For Wind celebrates this transition. Through its wind-driven and mechanical movement, it takes natural phenomena - wind - as input, and gives it a built form.

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