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2015 Unrealized Proposal for MADISON Group
Sculptural Installation

An instrument for viewing the sky and keeping time.


Sunrise Forever is a minimalist sculpture for a which uses a unique glass treatment to transmit and refract sunlight across a square reflecting pool. The project transforms a public square into a living, animated canvas. This sculpture is a lens for looking at the sky, a sundial that records the passing of the day, and a portal that transforms the entire terrace into an elegant minimalist composition.

A Living Painting

As the sun arcs from east to west over the course of the day, the light cast on the terrace changes shape and colour. Over the course of a year, the resultant will never look exactly the same way twice. At specific times of the year, the sun aligns with the sculpture just right, so that the light transmitted through the dichroic glass plane entirely and exactly fills the area of the terrace water feature.

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