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Reversible Sequin Fabric, plywood and lighting

Client: Yonge + St.Clair BIA

Role: Artist and fabricator

A tactile experience that became a social media sensation.

Tunnel of Glam draws visitors in by playing upon the appeal of all things shiny and sparkling, and then creates a tactile connection with them through interactivity.

Everyone is encouraged to doodle, write, or leave their mark by running their hand across the with the 14 million reversible sequins. These act as a massive canvas, begging for big, over-the-top gestures. Why draw with just the tip of a finger – as on a phone or tablet – when here you can use your whole hand, to make a mark by running from one end of the tunnel to the other?

The project was built around old-fashioned ideas of "interaction" and "immersion" -- it's a structure you stand inside and touch with your hands! But the freshness of this approach was probably the reason it became such a sensation on social media. In its 4-week Toronto lifespan, the project resulted in thousands of unique Instagram posts, creating over 5 million impressions. All this for a project with no batteries required!

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