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2019 Unrealized Public Sculpture

a phenomenon in which oppositional and complementary ideas collapse into each other

HOME vs. AWAY is a fundamental opposition. They’re the words that appear on any generic scoreboard. In the absence of specific names for the competing sides, HOME and AWAY are sufficiently descriptive. HOME vs. AWAY is, in this and many other contexts, a short form for: the protagonist vs. the antagonist; the familiar vs. the other; our own tribe vs. outsiders. HOME and AWAY are in perpetual competition with each other.

Our project, Awayhome, takes some visual language from the idea of a scoreboard. It’s a large hanging display that presents text through a simple low-resolution grid.

HOME and AWAY is a defining dichotomy of our lives. On the everyday scale, we begin our days at HOME, head AWAY to work, and return HOME. On the scale of our lifetimes, we leave HOME after we come of age.

Awayhome, folds these oppositions back upon themselves. It interweaves these ideas.

Awayhome is a representation of HOME and AWAY in a world where the distinction between those concepts is blurring. We frequently work from HOME. Our goods, manufactured AWAY, are delivered to our HOME. And what we do in our HOME is broadcast out to anywhere at all. We can connect to HOME through any number of technologies at our fingertips.

Most of all, we understand that that which stands as outside of us is not necessarily in opposition to us.

Awayhome reconsiders all these ideas by engaging in conversation with the different contexts of our site.

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