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Interactive Smart Glass and Dichroic Glass Sculpture
Client: City of Kelowna

Location: Boyce-Gyro Park, Kelowna, BC

Role: Artist, Programmer

A window from which to see change

Horizon celebrates the integrated transportation network envisioned by the City of Kelowna.  This initiative plays a role in the re-imagining of our relationship to the urban environment.  Cycling, walking, and running not only improve our personal health, they are also modes of transportation that help reduce our carbon footprint. These activities bring us close to our environment, and help us to appreciate the preciousness and precariousness of it.

Horizon is a looking glass through the point where the mountains and water join the earth and sky. The sculpture is made of 35 individual glass dichroic and frosted glass panels that become clear when the viewer walks, runs, or cycles in front of the artwork. Using 35 lidar sensors and 'switch' glass' the clear windows will follow the viewer as he travels from one end to the other. 

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