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Radient journey


2021, LED Sculptural Installation
Client: Friends of University Avenue
Location: Toronto Downtown Hospital Precinct, Toronto
Role: Artist
Collaborators: Mulvey & Banani Lighting (lighting design)
Blackwell Engineering (engineer)
Six Penny (fabricator)

An installation for frontline workers, people receiving care and the loved ones who care for them

Spanning three blocks in the heart of Toronto's Hospital precinct, Radiant Journey is an installation of 202 delicately lit sculptures meant to uplift, engage, and provide calm to the patents, staff and visitors of the Mount Sinai, Toronto General, Sick Children, Princess Margaret and Toronto Rehabilitation health care facilities.

The form draws influence from wild reeds and plant shoots, both for the beauty and simplicity of their design, but also because such references to nature have proven to be very effective on positive mental health.

By day the arrangement of slender, fluted forms create an elegant wave that sweeps in and out of the ground linking the three blocks together. At night, the installation comes to life as the internal lights respond in brightness and hue to music composed for the serene light show.

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