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2022, Aluminum and LED Interactive Sculpture
Client: Rohit Communities
Location: Edmonton, AB
Role: Artist and Fabricator
Blackwell Engineering (engineer)


An interactive sculpture that celebrates the diversity of Edmonton

    When the people of Edmonton selected the Marigold as the  official flower to represent their city and its aspirations, they did not specify any particular variety or colour, choosing instead to embrace the species in ALL its wonderful diversity.

    MARIGOLD, celebrates this symbol, amplifying its positive message in a larger than life way that is visible year-round. The lower flower, in full bloom, symbolizes the beauty that flourishes from inclusiveness, while the bud reaching even higher, suggests that there is even more beauty to come.

    With its inclusive sentiment, joyful colour, playful interactivity, and photogenic scale, MARIGOLD is a destination for the growing Stadium Yards community and greater Edmonton as a whole.

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