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2021, 177ft wide x 57ft tall low resolution screen
Client: Smart Centres Site: Vaughan Metro Centre, City of Vaughan, Ontario

Celebrating hidden systems

PXL Gallery is a 10, 000 square foot low resolution LED screen. Designed in collaboration with Diamond Schmitt Architects and Mulvey Banani Lighting, the massive screen consists of 1232 direct view LEDs (pixels). The digital screen is integrated into the architectural façade – concealing a parking garage - and facing a transportation hub for a viewership of thousands of commuters a day. The scale of the digital screen ensures that it is also available for anyone as they explore the east end of the Vaughan Metro Centre and can even be seen from the highway 400 which is miles away. The gallery has rotating artworks that include low resolution artists, Jim Campbell, Rafael Rozendaal and Rob King. The gallery's objective is to commission new artworks utilizing the changeable nature of the digital screen while also ensuring the gallery remains current by selecting artwork that is reflective of the time.

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