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Concrete and Mirror Finish Stainless Steel

Client: City of Pickering
Location: The Esplanade Park, Pickering, ON

Role: Artist, Fabricator
Collaborators: Blackwell Engineering (engineer)


A monument that explores self reflection and grief

REFLECTIONS is a highly engaging yet intimate work of public art tha.   The sculpture marks the lives of those we lost to Covid-19 and examines themes of loss, grief, self-reflection, and how they each require time.

    On its front the piece is tiled with stainless-steel mirrors evoking row upon row of oval-shaped portraits. Standing in front of the sculpture you come face to face with a crowd of your own reflections looking back at you, each one showing you from a slightly different perspective and background. The most jarring reflection is the one that is missing, and in its place, is a void framing the sky. 

    From the back with its polished concrete finish, REFLECTIONS is evocative of a traditional monumental obelisk if not for one glaring difference. The sculpture appears to be bending forward, like a stone giant, leaning down to engage in compassionate conversation with its visitors.

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